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Our 11-member development team has programmed an effective and stable trading bot in the last 2 years. Permanent monitoring and regular updates guarantee members daily payouts.

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How to massively increase your Bitcoins has built a profit-oriented Bitcoin cycle. You get commissions to recruit new members, which can then be multiplied in the BP Trading Bot. The Trading Bot was developed primarily for beginners but also big investors. Only a few steps are necessary to start.

1. Create Account

Simply register and activate your BitPilot account for a one time fee (0.1 BTC). You get full access to all bots and earn 11 levels deep.

2. Wallet Setup

Create a BTC wallet in 2 minutes or use an existing address. works with all BTC wallets and offers a BTC Debit Card (optional).

4. Investments

Invest your MLM commissions and get a daily payout of 2% profit. After 64 days you have 100% Investment + 28% Profit in your Wallet.

3. MLM Commissions

Get a 0.01 BTC one-time commission for every referred member in your downline (level 1-3) + 5% commission on all investments (level 1).


BitPilot provides in-depth learning materials about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. All videos, ebooks and softwares tools are constantly updated.

16 Videos + 4 Books + 1 Bot Assistant


With the Trading Bot from BitPilot beginners can easily increase their Bitcoins. There is also a very lucrative mlm commission plan.

Trading Profits + MLM Commissions

Why Choose BitPilot?

Because you can increase your Bitcoin fortune by 28% in no time. You also get 0.01 BTC IMMEDIATELY on your BTC wallet for each sponsored member.

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Who We Are? is a free and independent community that lives on donations. Our goal is to support the Bitcoin network and help people achieve financial freedom.

Who Supports Us?

The BitPilot community itself. We are convinced of the future of Bitcoin. We support each other and work hard to increase the number of members.

BTC Commissions

As a BitPilot member, you will receive 0.01 BTC on your wallet for each sponsored member. The compensation goes deep into the 11th level.

BTC Tools

We show you the best tools to use Bitcoin on a daily basis. Pay with BTC debit cards, withdraw money from ATMs and more.


Blockchain Transactions

Check every BitPilot commision and every trade on the BTC blockchain.

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Automated Bitcoin Trading

It's easier than you think. Example: Invest 1.00 BTC and get 1.28 BTC after 64 days! Start Now

Freequently Asked Questions

In the BitPilot Community we always try to answer all questions. If you can not find an answer on this page, please contact the BitPilots in the members area or telegram.

Membership of BitPilot costs only 0.1 BTC (one-time-payment).
The BP Trading Bot spends at least 28% profit after 64 days. The first payment will be made after 24 hours.
0.01 BTC is paid for each member immediately via Bitcoin. Additional commissions are paid to 10 levels (upline).
BitPilot is not a HYIP. The Trading Bot operates on various crypto trading platforms for trading with different currency pairs. For this purpose, a proprietary software has been developed: The BP Trading Bot.
There are many good BTC wallets. In the BitPilot Members Area you will find a selection of the best wallets. It also depends very much on the requirements. There are now wallet providers that combine a debit card with the BTC account or combine many crypto currencies.
A detailed commission plan for all commissions can be found in the BitPilot Member Area. Register now
Some countries have very strict laws against Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The BitPilot community opposes the restriction of free and independent means of payment. Basically, the Bitcoin and the BitPilot community is not based on anything illegal. Together, we want to increase prosperity and education in the cryptocurrency scene.
There is nothing wrong with that. Only one account is allowed per email address.
Please contact your sponsor in the BitPilot community directly or write to the Telegram Support of BitPilot.
All commissions are transferred immediately. It may take up to 3 hours for all commissions on the blockchain to be confirmed and for the Bitcoins to be available in the wallet. BitPilot does not have any commission accounts to retrieve, everything runs immediately through the blockchain.

Trading Details

Profits are generated through two different trading bots. One bot works with a strict set of rules, the other one uses different signals. These bots run on a total of 4 cloud-based server instances to ensure 99.9% resilience. In addition, our bots must handle thousands of user requests and queries at crypto exchanges per second. At the moment we're trading about 50 to 94 trading pairs per day. All trading rules are designed to increase your BTC amount.

We have no mystical artificial intelligence that nobody understands. We use the power of knowledge.

Network Marketing

To be able to use our BP Trading Bot, you have to be a member of our community. The entry fee is 0.1 BTC and you earn 0.01 BTC for each sponsored member in your first three downline levels. The community uses a unilevel marketing plan and pays between 1% and 10% to 11 levels. 57% of them flow directly into the community as commissions. Remaining 43% of each fee will be used for running costs, further development and new crypto based tools.

If you recruit only 4 members and they also recruit 4 members, then you earn 7.24 Bitcoin in the first 5 levels. BitPilot pays a total of 11 levels!

BitPilot Support

Write a message to @StewardBP via Telegram.